Our program is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an engaging eight-week course which takes you on a journey of self-discovery. So much of our time is spent unaware of where our attention is, with multiple distractions and pressure taking centre stage. Mindfulness helps us to refocus our attention, enabling us to make better decisions and to be more present in the moment.

The MindSpa approach encourages a practice lead by intention and awareness. Our goal is to give employees tools to understand their emotions and to gain a greater sense of self.

The program will provide practical and accessible tools which employees can exercises, developed to help employees manage stress. All employees are provided with a resource pack to support them on their journey.

All sessions last for 60-90 minutes, and we can support up to 25 employees in one group. For global companies, WorkSpa also offers the MBSR program via webinars.


1 – Equips employees with mindfulness strategies to help manage stress

2 – Teaches techniques for how to use your breathing in stressful situations

3 – Increases attention and focus

4 – Supports relaxation and overall wellbeing

5 – Boosts workplace morale

“The Mindfulness programme was well received by our team and more than 30 people have already attended the 8-week course.

Our practitioner, Paula, is so passionate about what she does; she delivers each session in such a positive way, that makes us all feel inspired.

In our opinion, the mindfulness programme has helped our team a lot, with understanding more about themselves and the importance of being aware of their emotions and thoughts and also of their reactions in different work scenarios.

We couldn’t recommend WorkSpa enough – extremely professional and flexible to meet our needs.”

– Ionela Dinu-Mihai, EA to CEO, The Travel Network Group

How it Works

1 – Select a date and let us know how many participants you have.

2 – Speak to one of our mindfulness consultants and conduct a survey to find out what your needs are

3 – Using the data, WorkSpa creates a program bespoke to your needs.