Rejuvenation Vinyasa Yoga

Our bespoke yoga program combines a choice of vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. Vinyasa yoga comes from hatha yoga, a faster paced sequence of moments, in sync with the breath. Yin yoga is a slower paced yoga, where postures are held to support the lower part of the body. Both forms help to counteract the postural demands of sitting for long hours, while increasing muscle strength, respiration and energy levels. By giving your employees a choice of both practices, it will allow those at different abilities and preferences access to sessions.


1 – Improves the immune system

2 – Relieves stress

3 – Aids breathing

4 – Reduces muscle tension and pain

5 – Enables flexibility and physical strength

6 – Boosts productivity and motivation

How it Works

1 – Select a date and let us know how many participants you have

2 – Speak with the WorkSpa team, to help us understand your needs.

3 – WorkSpa will create a bespoke yoga program for your Workplace